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Chef and food writer Peta Mathias, "Fresh from Moeraki":
"The most memorable meal I've had in New Zealand recently was down at Fleurs Place in Moeraki. Her chef cooked mutton-bird. it was amazingly tender, I just ate it with my hands, in this amazing location at this restaurant, all surrounded by the water."


Simon Wilson - Editor of 'Cuisine', judged world's best food magazine:
"There's a coast road south of Oamaru that you get to down one of those delightful stretches that leads into a dip and over a rise so that the beach is suddenly there, almost beneath your wheels. It's a drive whose dramatic beauty puts you in just the right frame of mind to follow the turn-off to the small fishing and holiday community of Moeraki, and head for the restaurant at the end of the bay called Fleur's Place.

The specialty is fish and the atmosphere, fashioned from warm timbers, even warmer service and a hubbub of happy customers, is pure delight. Fleur Sullivan has her own fish quota, which means, as she puts it, she owns a tonne of cod swimming out there in the cold Pacific, and she is legally allowed to serve you the fish landed that day right on her own doorstep.

Fleur's Place is good in all its parts, but the whole experience is greater than their sum, and this earned it a place in our 'Cuisine' 100 - a list of the food, drink, people, places and tools we love."


Kate Fraser, food and fashion writer on Fleur's Place said:
"Here the rich and fishy chowders, fish platters and pan-fried fish-of-the-day selections have established Fleur's Place as the fish restaurant of choice for a huge number of people - locals and visitors.

Fleur says she had to overcome "a bit of bureaucracy" before she won the right to buy fish fresh off the Moeraki fishing boats that tie up right beside her restaurant, but she prevailed. "Food from on your own doorstep will always taste better," she says. And though her doorstep is more than 100 kilometres from mine, I find it hard to disagree."

Chef and food writer Rick Stein:
"While in New Zealand I hope to do two things - visit Fleur's Place in Moeraki and eat Bluff Oysters."